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Software, web and mobile solutions for care services professionals.

Sales management, planning, invoicing, HR management, payroll, time and attendance and communication, quality management.

Progisap is the digital business ecosystem that enables you to manage your entire Care Services business….

Care Services software

Progisap supports all areas of the Care Services sector

Home help

Management of the home help and support service business, particularly for the elderly and disabled.

maintien à domicile saad

Home care

Management of the home nursing service activity.

logiciel soins à domicile ssiad

Home childcare

Software for managing childcare services that meets the specific requirements and regulations of the profession.

suivi qualité service à la personne


Software for managing cleaning activities in private homes.

suivi qualité service hôtel gsm retail

Maintenance of gardens and exteriors

Software for managing your DIY and landscaping activities. Put your trust in Progisap.

suivi qualité industrie

PROGISAP, Your digital ecosystem dedicated to Care Services professionals

Progisap brings together all the web and mobile solutions needed for the complete management of care services companies.

100% profession

100% web

100% upgradable

100% safe

Progisap, the business software for centralised management of your care services activities

Sales management, planning, invoicing, HR management, payroll, time and attendance and communication, quality management. Gain visibility and reliability with Progisap.

gestion commercial crm logiciel saad ssiad


logiciel facturation saad ssiad


planification logiciel saad ssiad

of services

calcul rentabilité logiciel saad ssiad


gestion des équipes sécurité

of teams

logiciel services à la personne SAAD SSIAD
application mobile services a la personne saad ssiad mobisap

Mobisap, the traceability and communication application for Care Services workers

Planning, clocking in and out, routes, mission orders, diary and communication. Mobisap is connected to Progisap in real time, so you can monitor and comply with legal requirements.

pointage application mobile saad ssiad


cahier des charges application mobile saad ssiad


planification application mobile saad ssiad

of services

rapports-de-missions-application mobile-saad-ssiad



échanges conseils départementaux application mobile saad ssiad

Identité agent
de sécurité

dépendance application mobile saad ssiad


Qualimobi, the quality control application for operations

Risk assessment, needs assessment, visit reports, complaints and anomalies, inspection grids, customer satisfaction. Qualimobi is the complete digital solution that lets you control and monitor services on the move. Improve quality through control and continuous improvement.

enquête qualité application qualité saad ssiad

quality control

création enquête qualité application qualité saad ssiad

Online creation
of surveys

Communication clients application qualité saad ssiad

Monitoring results
and action plans

paramétrage application qualite saad ssiad

of results

application enquête qualite
gestion payes services à la personne silae saad ssiad

The integrated payroll and HRIS management solution

Automate your payroll processes by connecting your operations to Progisap’s planning system.

gestion rh logiciel saad ssiad

Payroll management

payes logiciel saad ssiad

of HR data

The electronic safe

Secure the storage and communication of your employees’ payroll data

Solution de pointage sécurité

The electronic

The Employee Portal, a communication and monitoring application dedicated to employees

The Employee Portal enables security and guarding companies to maintain constant communication with their employees. It provides visibility by monitoring schedules and assignments, managing employee requests, and making available and archiving documents (payrolls, contracts, signatures).

planning salaries logiciel saad ssiad

Schedules, rounds
Time management

Changements administratifs logiciel saad ssiad

Leave and advance payments

gestion de la satisfaction

Document management
pay, documents, signatures

Communication clients

Centralised configuration
from Seenet-security

portail salaries services a la personne

Progisap, a Senef solution

Founded in 2011 by Momar Mbaye, Senef specialises in publishing and marketing web and mobile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

The company built its success on its SAAS – 100% Web – Progisap software dedicated to the personal services and senior residences sector. It subsequently diversified into the growth markets of multi-service cleaning and hotel staff management via its Progiclean and Seenet solutions.

+ 1 500


+ 55


+ 30%


+ 10 years

of experience

3 ecosystems

Professions, Web and mobile

The advantages of a 100% web solution

Our 100% web-based SaaS software solutions are transforming the daily lives of Care Services companies by offering flexibility, efficiency, innovation and security.

Integration and automation2024-07-08T10:51:18+02:00

Digitization facilitates the integration of different solutions and technologies, enabling greater automation of repetitive tasks and better data collection for decision-making, thus optimizing security operations.

Data security2024-07-08T10:51:59+02:00

We invest heavily in security measures designed to protect data against all forms of IT risk and cyber-malware, offering a level of security that individual companies might find difficult to achieve on their own.

Scalability and flexibility2024-07-08T10:52:52+02:00

Our SaaS solutions enable operational flexibility, where companies can easily adjust their usage and subscription to changing needs, without having to invest in new infrastructure.

Cost reductions2024-07-08T10:53:28+02:00

Digitization reduces the need for heavy investment in hardware and software. Companies generally pay a subscription fee, which helps convert capital costs into more manageable operational costs.

Automatic updates2024-07-08T10:54:06+02:00

Progisap and its applications are updated automatically, ensuring that security companies have access to the latest features and security fixes without manual intervention or downtime.

Enhanced accessibility2024-07-08T10:54:47+02:00

Our 100% online SaaS solutions enable security teams to access systems and information in real time from any Internet-connected device, facilitating coordination and responsiveness in the field. Mobile and tablet applications, as well as customer and employee portals, are linked in real time to Progisap software.

References and customer testimonials

Progisap and its Mobispa, Qualimobi and Silae solutions equip more than 500 care services companies in France.



Senef partners

Senef relies on technological and commercial partners who are leaders in their markets to complete and optimise its offering.

Technology and connectors

Silae TOP 100 HRIS Payroll Partnership

The collaboration between Progisap and Silae provides SMEs and SMIs in the Care Services sector with a comprehensive offering for the organisation of their business and their entire HRIS.

This is particularly the case for the automatic generation of pay slips directly from the activity planning managed by Progisap

Federations and events

We have close links with the major players in the sector and attend major national and international events.


SYNERPA Congress

Care Services Exhibition

FEDESAP’s Great Debate

Silver Eco Digital days

Press coverage

The adventure of the Senef Group is regularly reported in the press.

Trade and business press

‘Momar Mbaye, the founder of Senef, has decided to target areas that he describes as “essential and resilient”. The ageing of the population (the silver economy) is a major challenge, and as for waste management, we saw during the Covid period that it was the first to take off again, and even that it was one of the few to continue operating’. THE NEW FACTORY

‘We started from the major challenges of RSS. The management of a residence is quite onerous, with the accommodation aspect, the life of the residence, the staff, invoicing at the end of the month and many other things. Progisap RSS meets all these requirements through its business modules and simplifies all these processes. CAPGERIS

‘To consolidate its position in France and step up its international expansion in the multi-service cleaning sector in particular, Senef Soft is finalising a €6.5 million round of financing from Isatis Capital. Senef quickly understood the market and its potential. France has 22,000 cleaning companies. Senef Soft’s annual growth rate of 20% points to a promising future. MADDYNESS

‘On 2 May 2023, the French start-up, which has been operating without raising any funds since 2011, announced an initial financing round of €6.5 million from Isatis Capital. The idea is to accelerate the marketing of its platforms, particularly internationally, and to move into new sectors’. THE DIGITAL FACTORY

‘To date, Senef Soft has more than 1,300 customers in around ten countries. With this new round of financing, the company plans to strengthen its teams, expand internationally and diversify its offering into related sectors.

By 2023, to accelerate its development

Senef raises €6.5m
from Isatis Capital

Senef, which has not raised any funds since 2011, announced in May 2023 that it had secured initial financing of €6.5 million from Isatis Capital. The idea is to accelerate the marketing of its platforms, particularly internationally, and to move into new sectors.

Personalised support

At every stage of the project


Customer integration process

  • Audit and review of functionalities

  • Data recovery

  • Application settings


Customer team training

  • Distance or face-to-face training

  • Personalised programme

  • Training certificate

  • Qualiopi eligible

Customer Service

Technical and functional support

  • Telephone and online support

  • Evolution management

  • Application en ligne permettant de suivi et traitement des demandes et anomalies
Logiciel Maintien à domicile SAAD

Processes, methods, organisation, controls, digital solutions…

It’s time to start your digital transformation …

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